Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Containers for Gallery and Shooting Arena at Bangalore

Containers for Gallery and Shooting Arena

In our ongoing effort to create useful and effective structures using shipping containers, a Viewing Gallery and Shooting Arena has been created at PLAY X GAMES ARENA Bangalore.


Viewing Gallery and Shooting Arena are part of a bigger adventure sports complex. Shipping containers have been used to create a two floor structure, with the bottom area being the Shooing Arena while the top is the Viewing Gallery.

Two 40ft containers are used to create the base of the structure. The roof is made using the corrugated metal sheets and concrete.

The bottom containers provide an excellent area for rifle shooting with no further need to create a specialized arena for shooting. A 40ft long container gives the ample distance as well as the required safety.


Space in between the two containers can be used for all kinds of activities other than shooting as well.


The side walls double up as a reusable canvas.


A safe and secure shooting area.

The whole structure is made using shipping containers, metal beams and metal sheets. The cost of making such a structure using containers is less than half of the cost, to make it using brick and concrete (which would be the obvious way!!!).

Shipping containers provide a viable and cost-effective way to create structures which are easy & fast to build and it provides a way to salvage the raw materials (containers, beams, etc) in case of redesign.


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